Why Us

June 17, 2016

AirDay offers its customers the best solutions with the most competitive prices available on the market.

AirDay specializes in the commercialization of Private and Executive flights with the use of aircrafts which – unlike those used and proposed by the various companies “Air taxi” – are owned by famous Italian companies (Benetton, Diesel, De Longhi, Kelemata, Luxottica, Replay, etc..).

The owners of these companies use their aircrafts for their personal needs and, therefore, they are particularly attentive to the maintenance, security on top of ensuring comfort at the highest standards.

Flight and ground personnel are continuously trained by the best international organizations and their professional credentials are always top of the line.    


With a deep understanding of the operating costs of any aircraft, our experts are able to reduce the estimates through proper assessments of landing and ground fees, parking, costs of crews, fuel charges, international taxes and beyond.

AirDay offers its customers the best solutions with the most competitive prices available on the market.


Maximum safety and excellence of service

Maximum safety and excellence of service are the reasons why we prefer to use private jets as they guarantee the best balance between performance of the vehicle and operating costs.

Our flight teams and ground crews specialize from the most experienced world of aviation, thousands of hours flying worldwide and recurrent trainings to obtain and maintain leading qualitative standards of safety and efficiency.



With a variety of top-of the-line luxury private jets and an unflagging dedication to client satisfaction, AirDay is committed to offering the perfect flight experience you deserve.


In addition, each private aircraft has its own dedicated full-time technician whose goal is to ensure absolute excellence in all operating conditions.

AirDay is fully trusted by these major companies and their owners and may extend to third persons the use of these private jets, when not employed by their respective owners. To this AirDay adds its own experience with the management and maintenance of aircrafts.


This combination of factors, unique in its kind, is what has guaranteed up to now a full rounded and top of the line service, well appreciated by all AirDay customers. The number and kind of private jets available together with the ability to customize our services to your needs are the correct combination to satisfy the most diverse and sophisticated demands.